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10 Bali Must Try Treatments

Bali is an island famous for its spirituality, but it’s also an island where you can be hedonistic and indulge in various luxurious and even a bit odd treatments. The prices are usually a lot cheaper compared to those in western countries, so you can easily enjoy a treatment a day. On your next holiday, why not skip the regular balinese massages or mani-pedis for a while, and try out some of the following?

Goldust Spa

Bali must try treatments: 24K Gold Facial at Goldust

As you can see from the name, Goldust spa specializes in gold treatments ranging from facials to nail art. Their signature anti-aging facial is the ultimate rejuvenating skin treatment. 24K Gold facial slows collagen depletion, stimulates circulation and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. After a deep cleanse with steam and extractions, pure gold is applied to lift, firm and hydrate the skin. While the gold mask works it’s magic, your therapist treats you to a gorgeous scalp, hand, shoulder and foot massage. This luxurious treatment is suitable for all skin types, resulting in a luminous and radiant complexion.

Price: 90 mins Rp. 1.450 000

Bali must try treatments: Goldust Beauty Lounge in Canggu

Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.66, Canggu
Tel: 0811 383721
Email: [email protected]
Open: 9am-7pm daily

Cleopatra 24 Carat Gold Facial at Cocoon Medical 
24 K Gold wrap at Away Spa at W Spa & Resort

2. Chocolate Dreams Treatment at Spa Bali

Bali must try treatments: Chocolate Dreams at Spa Bali

Cocoa contains antioxidants that can slow down the aging process. It is also a mood-booster, and with happiness comes beauty! At the almost 2,5 hour Chocolate Dreams treatment you will receive a massage with natural cocoa cream, then get scrubbed all over with chocolate/cinnamon before soaking in your private chocolate bath. This heavenly treatment is offered at all their 5 Bali branches.

Price: 140 mins Rp. 500 000 plus 17,5% tax

Bali must try treatments: Cocoon Medical Spa

Address: Jl. Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak
Phone: 0361 737932, 0361 737933
Open:10am-11pm daily

Address: Jl. Drupadi, Seminyak
Phone: 0361 737694
Open: 10am-11pm daily

Address: Inside Melasti Beach Resort, Legian
Phone: 0361 761861, 0361 75597 Ext.49
Open: 10am-10pm daily

Address: Jl. Legian, Kuta
Phone; 0851 00567111
Open: 10am-10pm daily

Address: Jl. Raya Pengosekan, Ubud
Phone: 0361 970897
Open: 10am-10pm daily

Luxurious Chocolate Treatment at Lagoon Spa at The Laguna

3. Bloody Mary Ritual at Remede Spa, St Regis Bali

Bali must try treatments: Remede Spa's Bloody mary Ritual

Continuing on the if it feels good consumed internally, it cannot be bad externally –theme, St Regis pays homage to their signature cocktail with a Bloody Mary-inspired ritual. Your entire body is first cleansed with a tomato, pineapple and wasabi concoction before being wrapped in a purifying vodka tomato clay mask. After that, you will receive a detoxifying massage and the ritual will be finished with a tomato vermouth and mineral salt bath.

Price: 150 mins Rp. 4.500 000
(For an additional charge you can complement the treatment with freshly shucked oysters in coriander tomato water, enjoyed in their spa gazebo)

Bali must try treatments: Remede Spa at St Regis bali

Address: Kawasan Pariwisata, Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua
Phone: 0361 3006716
Email: [email protected]
Open: 8am-11pm daily

You could instead try Remede Spa’s luxurious Champagne Ritual

4. Cool As Ice Treatment at Away Spa at W Resort&Spa

Bali must try treatments: Cool as Ice treatment at Away Spa

As the their motto goes: Away Spa is a place to delightfully detox after the afterparty. This spa is open around the clock, so envelop yourself in this treatment on the way home after dancing the night away. First you will be wrapped in icy aloe and cucumber gel, banana leaves and jicama compress to cool down the heat. During the cooling off your therapist will detangle your strands, massage your scalp with cream and smooth the untamed hair. Next you can plunge into a fresh fizzy mint bath after which the treatment will be warpped up with an aloe lotion to keep you cool as ice all the way to bed.

Price: 60 mins Rp. 1.450 000 plus 21% tax

Bali must try treatments: Away Spa at W Resort & Spa

Address: Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak
Phone: 0 361 4738 106
Email: [email protected]
Open: 24/7

Alternative: Just go straight home and sleep

5. IV Hangover Treatments at Hangover Lounge

Bali must try treatments: Hangover Lounge's IV hangover treatment

If you’ve had a rough night out on the town and are in need of serious TLC, look no further than Hangover Lounge’s IV hangover treatments and vitamin therapy. 30-90 minutes at the lounge, or at your accommodation if you’d prefer in-home treatment, will relieve headache, nausea and vomiting and re-energize and re-hydrate your body back to life.

Price: Starting from Rp. 600 000 for a starter package (IV hydration, IV electrolytes, isotonic drink and anti-nausea medicine or painkillers).

Bali must try treatments: Hangover Lounge in Kuta

Address: Jl. Majapahit No. 63, Kuta
Phone: 0361475405, Whatsapp +628 1236573717
Email: [email protected]
Open: 10am-6pm daily

Alternative: Vitamin IV Therapy at Cocoon Medical Spa

6. Karsa Spa’s Baby on Board massage

Bali must try treatments: Karsa Spa's Baby on Board massage

So you’re pregnant but still want to indulge in some pampering? At Karsa Spa’s Baby on Board treatment you will be massaged at an angle, according to your needs.
You can choose to remain seated or lie on a table.
The therapist will support you with plenty of cushions and bolsters so you can relax and drift away. The techniques used are caring and skilled and follow all the right precautions. Clients have given rave reviews about this treatment on TripAdvisor.

Price: 60 mins Rp. 180 000, 90 mins Rp. 250 000

Bali must try treatments: Karsa Spa in Ubud

Address: Behind Karsa Cafe on the Campuhan Ridge, Ubud
Phone: 0813 53392013
Email: [email protected]
Open 9am-8.30pm daily

Glo Day Spa’s Mother-To-Be Package
Spring Spa’s Mum and Bump Massage

7. V-Steam at Lady Marmalade

Bali must try treatments: Lady Marmalade Spa

ndonesian ladies are well-known for taking good care of their va-jayjays, getting them fogged once a month and I think we could learn a thing or two from them. V-Steam (also known as ratus spa in Indonesia) is an ancient Asian remedy that detoxes the vaginal passage using herb-infused steam to ease menstrual cramps, balance out hormones and pH balance. Even Javanese princesses used to go through this ritual in preparation for their wedding day.

Price: 30 mins Rp. 390 000

bali spa seminyak

Address: Jl. Drupadi No. 9Q, Seminyak
Phone: 0361 738516, 0361 738506
Email: [email protected]
Open: 9am-8pm

Queen V-Steam at Cleopatra Luxury Salon

8. Halotherapy at Cocoon Medical Spa

Bali must try treatments: Halotherapy at Cocoon Medical Spa

Suffering from respiratory issues or skin problems? The humid Bali weather might be of help but for a long-term fix you should try Halotherapy at Cocoon’s salt room your body can easily absorb the over 80 minerals which help treat allergies, bronchitis, psoriasis, excema and many more. Even one session can reduce stress, headaches and depression and increase energy and overall sense of well-being. No special clothing is needed in the salt room. You can just sit back, relax and breath in deep the healing properties of the salts while either meditating, working on your laptop or reading a book.

Price: 45 mins Rp. 300 000 plus 21% tax

Bali must try treatments: Cocoon Medical Spa

Address: Jl. Sunset Road, Legian
Phone: 0811 3882240
Email: [email protected]
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

Address: Jl. Monkey Forest Road No. 8, Ubud
Phone: 0 0811 388 2241
Email: [email protected]
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

Salt room at Bali Better Breathing

9. Balinese Healing Session by Meli at Peppers Seminyak

ayana spa bali diamond miracle treatment

Bali is a very spiritual island and famous for its powerful healers. Most Balinese people will first turn to a healer before visiting a doctor whatever the issue may be. If you are interested or eager to heal a wound of the body, mind or spirit, you should visit reknown Theta healer and Reiki master Meli at Peppers Seminyak. All Meli’s practices take into account your mental and physical state as well as past events and traumas that have shaped your life. She pays attention to clearing past hurts, limiting beliefs and conditioning to enable overcoming fear, anger and resentments that block the way to reaching your goals. As she is very famous, and appointments are hard to get, please book an appointment early in advance.

Price: 60 mins Rp. 680 000, 90 mins Rp. 790 000 plus 21% tax

couple massage Prana Spa Bali

Address: Jl. Pura Telaga Waja, Seminyak
Phone: 0361 730333
Email: [email protected]

Alternatives: Check out my previous blog post

10. 1-day Learn Massage Workshop at Jari Menari

When leaving Bali, we recommend taking something with you: The gift of giving Balinese massages! This one day course starts with a 40-minute session of yoga to wake up your energy flow. A short “tea break” is followed by a three-hour class, that introduces students to the ‘art of touch’ through practical classroom training. Throughout this time you will be both giving and receiving massages. This introductory class highlights oil-free techniques and concentrates on the back of the body. Should you wish to learn massaging the front of the body as well, you can continue to a second day class. After the class is finished you will get to have lunch and enjoy a 90-minute massage of your choice.

Price: Full day Rp. 2.363 000

Bali must try treatments: Jari Menari Spa is one of Bali favorites

Address: Jl. Raya basangkasa no.47, Seminyak
Phone: 0361 736740
Email: [email protected]
Open:9am-10pm daily

For couples’ treatments check out my former blog posts mentioning Prana Spa and Spa On The Rocks at Ayana Resort.


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