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How to contact Indonesian immigration office

As you may already know, you can now apply for social visa, business visa or KITAS online. Since the process is not really straightforward, you may have to ask for help from someone of the immigration office in Bali or Jakarta. So how do you contact the immigration office of Indonesia?

Call the immigration office in Bali

If you are based in Bali, you may call the immigration office Ngurah Rai first (0361 8468395). They are really friendly and would like to help you but they may have to inform you that they don’t know yet how the new visa system works.

Contact immigration on instagram

So the person on the phone from immigration office Ngurah Rai will most likely suggest you to contact @ditjen_imigrasi on Instagram. So you proceed and send them a direct message. You have to comment and tag @ditjen_imigrasi on one of their Instagram posts, otherwise they will not reply to your direct message. Of course, why would they! After a couple of days, they will reply your message and point you to one of their many instagram posts that instructs you to contact them by Whatsapp or Email instead.

Send email to immigration office

Email: [email protected]

You then send them an email and wait. And wait. And wait. At some point you realise the immigration office is not replying emails sent to [email protected].

Send a WhatsApp to immigration

WhatsApp: +6282113767654

You then try to use your last chance and contact them by WhatsApp. After days of waiting you figure out that they also don’t respond to WhatsApp messages.


So let me summarise how you can contact the Indonesian immigration office

You have the options to call, email, send a WhatsApp- or Instagram message. If you are lucky you get a reply, but most likely you won’t have so much time to wait for an answer. I leaves one with the feeling that the system is build this way in order to create jobs for visa agents. I am curious what were your experiences when trying to contact the immigration office of Indonesia? Please leave a comment below.


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