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New international school in Kerobokan: Bhumi Bali School

About Bhumi Bali School

The Bhumi Bali School (BBS) in Kerobokan, Bali, was founded by Germans and Austrians and is characterized by European management. This international school offers first-class education in an inspiring environment. With a clear focus on academic excellence, personal growth, and lifelong learning, BBS provides a holistic educational philosophy. The school promotes both intellectual and emotional development through a combination of academic curriculum and practical experiences.

Academic Programs

BBS offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes early years, primary education, and special programs such as music, sports, and arts. The school emphasizes fostering creative and critical thinking skills as well as developing social and emotional competencies. In primary education, there is a strong focus on foundational skills in mathematics, science, languages, and social learning. The teaching is interactive and encourages active student participation. The academic program is supported by experienced teachers who apply the latest educational methods.

Early Years

In the early years, Bhumi Bali School provides a loving and supportive environment where children can learn through play. The curriculum is designed to foster children’s natural curiosity and impart fundamental skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Primary Education

In primary education, a solid foundation is laid in all core subjects. Interactive teaching promotes active participation and critical thinking among students. There are special programs in music, arts, and sports that help students discover and develop their talents.

Special Programs

Bhumi Bali School offers a variety of special programs, including music, arts, and sports. These programs are designed to foster students’ creative and physical abilities and provide a holistic education.

Campus Life

Campus life at Bhumi Bali School is dynamic and diverse. In addition to regular classes, there are numerous extracurricular activities that promote students’ learning and personal development. These activities range from sports and arts to environmental projects and community work. The school has an active parent association and engages in community work to create an inclusive and supportive environment. Regular events and festivals foster unity and a sense of community among students. Students have the opportunity to join various clubs and organizations that nurture their interests and talents.

Extracurricular Activities

The extracurricular activities at Bhumi Bali School are diverse and offer students the opportunity to pursue their interests and talents. There are sports teams, art clubs, music groups, and many other activities that help students develop on different levels.

Parent Association and Community Work

The parent association plays an important role in daily school life. It organizes events, supports school projects, and promotes communication between parents and the school. Bhumi Bali School also engages in community work and promotes projects that raise awareness of social and environmental issues.

Admission and Fees

Admission to Bhumi Bali School is open year-round. There are no academic tests for entry; instead, the decision is based on the evaluation by class teachers during free trial days. School fees vary depending on the grade level and can be paid in different plans. There are also discounts for siblings and early payers. The school values transparency and helps families find the best financial solution for their needs.

Admission Process

The admission process at Bhumi Bali School is straightforward and designed to ease the entry for families. Interested parents and students can visit the school, participate in trial days, and get a feel for daily school life. Final admission is based on a holistic assessment that considers the individual strengths and needs of the students.

Fee Structure

School fees are tiered and depend on the grade level. There are various payment plans that allow families to manage the costs flexibly. Discounts for siblings and early payers make Bhumi Bali School attractive to larger families as well.

Free Trial until end of July

A special opportunity currently offered by Bhumi Bali School is the option to sign up for a free trial until the end of July 2024. This allows interested families to get to know the school and its offerings before making a final decision. The trial days provide a comprehensive insight into the daily school routine and the unique learning environment at BBS.


Bhumi Bali School offers a unique educational environment that combines European standards with the cultural diversity of Bali. Through European management and an international orientation, the school provides students with a holistic and high-quality education. With a strong focus on academic excellence, personal growth, and community work, Bhumi Bali School prepares its students for a successful future. Take advantage of the opportunity to sign up for a free trial until the end of July 2024 and experience the outstanding educational quality of Bhumi Bali School yourself.

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