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Sensory deprivation tank experience at Ubud Float Garden in Bali

What an amazing experience! I just woke up after having the best sleep in years and I can’t help it, I have to write this experience down right away. I am still in bed with my phone in my hands while typing these lines. 

Usually I always sleep well but I am not that relaxed when I wake up. This morning after my float in the sensory deprivation tank and the Ajna light therapy I feel much more relaxed than usually.

What is a sensory deprivation tank?

For those who don’t know what’s is a sensory deprivation tank here a quick definition:

“An isolation tank, often referred to as a sensory deprivation tank (also known as float tankfloat podfloat cabinflotation tank, or sensory attenuation tank) is a pitch black light proof, soundproof environment heated to the same temperature as the skin. The tank is filled with 10 inches of water which contains enough dissolved Epsom Salt to create a specific gravity of approximately 1.275. This environment allows an individual to float effortlessly on the surface of the water.”

If you watch the series Stranger Things you may recall Eleven being trained in a saltwater tank to sharpen her focus when she was young and later making use of this in season 2. 

Eleven from Stranger Things being trained in a sensory deprivation tank
Eleven from Stranger Things being trained in a sensory deprivation tank
Eleven from Stranger Things floating in a self-made "floating tank"

Maybe a few of you have heard about the documentary Third Eye Spies. Sensory deprivation tanks are used by many organisations around the globe for many decades.

The experience

Let’s get to the experience…

It’s not my first experience in a sensory deprivation tank. In fact, this was my 4th floating session at Ubud float garden. But it was my first time trying the Ajna light therapy.

The light therapy

I have heard about light therapy before but I didn’t do much research what this actually is and what it does to your body. When I arrived for my floating booking at Ubud Float Garden they asked me if I wanted to do the light therapy as well. Since this is already included in the price of the floating, I said: “Sure, why not!” I didn’t expect too much from it but I wanted to give it a chance. The told me the session will last 21 minutes and all I had to do is lay down in the chair and keep my eyes closed. They gave me some earphones with some music and then it started.

Chair for light therapy at Ubud float garden

What happened next is difficult to describe if you haven’t seen it yourself. I started seeing the most beautiful colors, shapes and moving patterns. It felt like being somewhere else. I still knew that I was just sitting in this chair with my eyes closed but the experience was better than anything I have seen before. It is not like watching a movie. It feels like you are in the middle of everything happening around you. I googled a bit and found something that comes close:

Patterns I saw during light therapy

A little later after I finished my light therapy session I went up the gazebo overlooking the ricefield to comprehend what just happened. A little later my friend Rouven finished his floating session and came up. I asked him “how was the light therapy?” He said he mostly saw blue and black color. I thought everyone would see the same colors and patterns. Maybe he had a different program than me? Then he asked me “Did you also see yourself when you were a kid?” WHAT? He saw himself as a young kid during the Ajna light therapy. I then asked one of the staff how it is possible that we are not having the same experience? She said that the light therapy is unique to everyone and every time you do it. It depends on the mood and other factors. 

Garden with Gazebo behind the Ubud float garden
Gazebo at Ubud float garden
Rice paddy view from top of Gazebo at Ubud Float Garden

I continued reading a bit more about this topic and found this short description on the website of Ubud float garden:

“The Ajna Light accelerates the experiences of deep meditation through brainwave entrainment using powerful pulsing lights, stimulating the pineal gland to release DMT, the portal to higher consciousness. Through a series of altered brainwave states, the Light magnifies the inner experience of the subconscious, bringing a deeply relaxed meditative state, and helps you access your own inner healing and wisdom.”

What to expect from Ajna light therapy?

  • Deep relaxation, peace & well-being
  • Emotional Release
  • Brainwave coherency for whole brain perception
  • Mind’s eye visions, beautiful colours, shapes, moving patterns

The floating experience in the sensory deprivation tank

The first time I went for floating I had to sign a waiver and the staff explained me what to do. You have your own room with the floating tank and an attached bathroom. First you take a shower (without soap/shampoo), then plug in your ear buds since the tanks are not 100% soundproof if there is tuned motorbike passing by. Now you are ready to float. There is a light switch on the right when you enter the tank. You may turn the lights on first before closing the door. I usually float with the head near the door but the other way around works as well. You can see a tiny amount of light coming through the door. So if this bothers you it may be better to float with your head towards the end of the tank so you won’t see that. It is recommended to float without any clothing / beachwear. Once you lay on your back the saltwater will lift you up. You can close your eyes or keep them open as you prefer. So now you should not see or hear anything. Try to float in the middle of the tank so you don’t touch any corners with your hands or feeds. Now you should be able to drift away. I have heard of some experienced people that had out of body experiences during the floatation. For me personally it is just very relaxing and I get these goosbumps all over my body after a few minutes. Apparently this is from detoxing. The main reasons for me for floating are:

  • Stress release (no sound, no light, no distraction)
  • Relaxing (no weight on the back or muscles)
  • Detox

I recommend everyone who is open to new experiences to give this a try. If you look up the prices for sensory deprivation floating sessions near your area (if you don’t live in Bali), then you will see how incredibly affordable it is. The owner claims that this is the lowest price anywhere in the world for the floating experience. Also you get the Ajna light therapy additionally free of charge. I was reasearching the price and found out that this lamp costs almost 6.000 USD! 

I met Oliver, the owner of Ubud Float Garden once earlier. He seems to be the most friendly and open-minded person. I have an interview planned with him for next week. I am curious about his motivation behind all of this since money doesn’t seem to be the motivational factor. 

He even gave me a coupon code to save additional 10% on the first float (or float package). If you are planning to give floating + light therapy a try you can use the following coupon code:

Coupon code

Apply coupon code for Ubud float garden

Save 10% on your first float or float package with the coupon code: TTDIB


Uubd float garden is located only 7 minutes from the center of Ubud. 


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    6. August, 2020 at 12:27

    What is the price of the float? Do u still recall?

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